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30 september 2022
AVTOKOMTECHNOLOGY Group has received accreditation to work on the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange
With the support of the regional export support center
Avtokomtechnologi Group received accreditation on 29.09.2022
to work on the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange.

Avtokomtechnology Group was founded in 2008 and has successfully established itself on the market among manufacturers and suppliers of components for imported and domestic equipment of the oil and gas, metallurgical, chemical and food industries. The company has extensive practical experience and developments (molds, drawings) in the field of manufacturing of various RTI and components for equipment, such brands as Krones, KHS, Sidel, BERCHI, Sig Simonazzi, Sipa, Tetra-Pak, Vandermolen, etc.

The Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange is the largest spot exchange in Eastern Europe. It serves more than 28 thousand customers from 70 countries of the world. 2.8 thousand Russian companies are accredited on the BUTB, the annual volume of exchange transactions with their participation reaches 600 million USD.

For Avtokomtechnology Group, both an importer and an exporter, this is an opportunity to find new business partners in the Republic of Belarus without marketing costs and with minimal risks. In this case, the exchange acts as an electronic alternative to the traditional distribution network.
The company's management is confident that the active use of the exchange mechanism in mutual trade will increase export revenue, find new partners and significantly expand export markets.


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